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We – why ‘we’ ?

Because I transmitted the virus of making wind instruments to my daughter, Marie, in the beginning of the millennium. Marie specialised in one hand whistles, but also offers medieval, renaissance and baroque instruments at attractive prices.


We do work together for specific projects.

This is her website :
Marie_flauta 1.jpg

Me : I started making flutes around 1975, after my studies of art history, with the aim of having instruments more suited to my taste than the ones on the market.


Parallel to my production of recorders I had a career as a musician (prize of the contest of Bruges in 1980) and as a recorder teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in Belgium, and later on at the CNR of Clermont-Ferrand in France, in the middle of the 80’s.

Nowadays I offer a very wide range of highest quality instruments for the most exigent musicians as well as quality instruments for moderate prices.
In 2016 I had some trouble with a woodworkingmachine that intended to cut away some of my cherished fingers. In a decisive second I managed to counter the attack, but as a result my fingers were no longer in the same condition as before. On my doctor’s advice I restarted playing the recorder and did so with ever growing pleasure, while fine tuning my instruments into perfection. I also produced video concerts together with diverse musicians. You may find them under the label VIDEOS.
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